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Poker for free

If you do not have money to invest in online poker, you may be depressed when you see the enormous bankroll from online poker pros, who may win or lose one million dollars or more in just one day.

But do not be discouraged, as there are ways to play online poker for free. Yes you read correctly, there are many ways to play online poker without depositing any money, not even a penny. So if you have a limited bankroll, we focus on totally free poker methods as well as penny jar bankrolls.

One method that we recommended to play poker for free is to use a website that will offer you a free poker bankroll of $50 if you just pass a quiz about poker. And then if you play well, they may even give you another $50 or $100 more. Unfortunately this is not currently available for US based players. You can find out more about this interesting poker strategy.

Another approach is to use the numerous freerolls available at various online poker rooms. These tournaments are entirely free to join. If suffices to join a given online poker room, and to register preferably early as these tourneys may get rapidly full depending on the room. This is how some famous players started, who did not have a bankroll to begin with. Among them, none other than poker superstars Annette Obrestad. Armed with a lot of patience, she competed in freerolls for a while until she had won enough to be able to sit at the micro-limits ring tables. From there, she proceeded to grind her way up to the highest available stakes.

Talking of micro-limits, if you can afford to make a small deposit from your penny jar, this is another cheap way to get started. With blinds starting as low as $0.01/$0.02, you will not risk much money to participate in exciting online poker games.

Finally another method to mention for the savviest players with minimal budgets is rakeback. By getting paid back a fraction of the rake that you contribute, you get a guaranteed cash flow that can help you getting started even from the smallest bankroll, and only the sky is the limit. Incidentally, getting rakeback also includes entrance into special rake races and exclusive rakeback freerolls, which will even add more into your wallet.